Club des propriétaires de Galeon

The Bornholm trip


For the inaugural Galeon Owners trip we selected an ambitious destination – the Danish island of Bornholm. Our party decided to follow the coastline heading to Darlowo with a quick lunch break in the city of Leba. The all day trip went smoothly due the kind weather and a calm sea. In Darlowo the whole GOC crew was hosted in a hotel by one of the GOC members and after a nice dinner went to retire. Early morning the fleet of Galeon yachts departed heading for Bornholm, keeping close contact in case of emergency and after a few hours safely arrived at the destination.

Both Bornholm and a close by island of Nexo proved to be very hospitable and a great place for mooring. On the way back the weather got more demanding and tested the Galeon yachts thoroughly. After a whole day trip back, all crews got home safely to the Gdansk bay and finished the inaugural Galeon Owners Club voyage.